My Journey to Trying Raw Living Spirulina About a month prior to starting this fast I had a conversation with a gentleman named John. John and I were talking on the subject of nutrition and health. He was talking to me about how fit and healthy I looked. I reciprocated to him how healthy he […]

Eccentric Training

I’ve Fallen in Love With Eccentric Training Lately, I’ve been way more focused with lowering the weight I’m training with. As. Slowly. As. Possible. This style of training is humbling to your ego and will leave you sore for days to come. I’m sure you’re asking yourself right about now, what is this guy talking […]


How Hyperpalatable Foods could be Destroying Your Way of Life I always joke around saying I’m a fat person stuck in a small frame. That if I worked around food all day I would probably be overweight. While that may be an over exaggeration the fact is that when I was fifteen I got my […]

Taking the Plunge Ice Bath Style

At the end of a 12 hour work day I got the idea to get in an ice bath of water. I had read somewhere about the many benefits of cold water for the body. So I “took the plunge” and started filling up my standard sized bath tub with about 10 pounds of ice […]