Seasons Change

A Metaphor

“Suffering is like being shot by 2 arrows, the first arrow is the physical pain, it’s the metal piercing the skin the force colliding into the body. The second arrow is the mental pain it’s the meaning and emotion we attach to being struck, the narratives we spin in our minds whether we deserved or didn’t deserve what happened. In many cases our mental pain is worse than our physical pain, and lasts a lot longer. Through the practice of meditation if we could train ourselves to only be struck by the first arrow we could essentially render ourselves invincible to any mental or emotional pain”.

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve experienced many seasons in your life. These seasons may have occurred when you graduated from high school and went to college, changed careers or lost a job, started or ended a relationship. Possibly you relocated to a different city and had to leave your family and friends behind. Maybe you lost weight due to a death of someone close or gained weight due to a breakup. Whatever the transition was, you said goodbye to a familiar season. 

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. If we did not taste adversity then prosperity would not be so welcome.” – Anne Bradstreet

Our seasons of life are constantly changing, some as a result of the choices and decisions that we make on a daily basis and others that we have no control of. Life is all about change, we are constantly changing, and our seasons are simply a reflection of these natural evolutionary steps.


The seasons of life are as temporary as raindrops falling from the sky, as the thunder that shakes the ground, or as the wind blowing. None of these events will last forever. They are temporary in nature, just as the seasons of life are temporary. 

The joy you experience during one season of life will not last forever. There will always be a moment when your thoughts, decisions, actions or external occurrences will move you into another phase of life, which could lead to happy days or lead to pain. However, this too is only temporary, and a new season will come. 


The length of time it takes us to progress through each season is a reflection of our ability to adapt to the conditions and circumstances we find ourselves in. If we adapt successfully we will move through difficult and unpleasant times quickly. On the other hand, if we are unable to adapt, then we will suffer the consequences of failing to grow with the opportunities that life presents us. 


Our seasons teach us lessons about ourselves, others and about life. They help us grow emotionally, physically and socially. Seasons harden our soul, enlighten our spirit and strengthen our emotional resilience in the face of adversity and opportunity.

When we succeed we celebrate. When we fail we complain and blame…  but eventually, we begin to contemplate who we are, what we want, and how we would like to progress from this moment on. These periods of life shape our character and paint the canvas of the life we are yet to experience. These times help us evolve as human beings.


Reflect back upon the seasons of your life and honestly ask yourself the following set of questions:

•What impact did these seasons have on my life?

•What have they taught me about myself, life and others?

•How have they transformed my personality?

Final Thoughts

The Seasons we experience are about transformation and change. They are about the process of effectively transitioning from one set of storms to another — enabling us to learn, grow and ultimately reap the rewards that life eventually brings our way. Every experience — no matter how we perceive it — helps us grow and overcome the obstacles and challenges that life throws our way.

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