The Superman Push-Up

The day I decided to do the Superman push-up

So I was reading an article a few weeks back about push-ups you can do to put mass on your chest. One of the exercises was a Superman push-up. I was fascinated when I saw this unique style of training that could potentially put the mass I wanted on my chest. Well, let’s just say, reading that article was the last time I thought about the Superman push-up until the day of my photoshoot. My photographer asked if there was anything else I would like to get shots of, the Superman push-up appeared in my mind and I blurted it out before I could really think about it. 

The thing was, I’ve never done that kind of push-up before. Like never even attempted to do it either. But at that moment I felt like I could not only attempt such a push-up but that I could actually pull it off.

So I got down in the plank position with the photographer, my two daughters and my wife watching me and I hear my wife say, “What if you smash your face?” At that point I felt confident I could pull this move off. So I laughed at what she said and replied, “I only have to get a good picture in the air, if I smash my face on the landing that’s fine because that won’t be in the picture.” My wife’s comment made me more determined that I was going to do it. Being in the plank position now I’m focused, it’s like flipping a switch, going from chill and relaxed to in the zone. I start to lower myself down and then explode up into the air stretching fully out as if I could fly like Superman then quickly pull my arms back into place to land.


I can’t begin to tell you the excitement I felt when I pulled it off. I felt so good inside and my wife and oldest daughter were equally as amazed. Then the photographer asked if I could do it again because she missed it; instant pitt in my stomach, “What do you mean do it again, I thought to myself, that was amazing and I’m not sure I can do it again.” But, I got back in that plank position, concentrated and focused on what I was about to attempt and did it again. I was amazed with how easy it felt, at this point I’m feeling very confident and that was good because the photographer asked me to do it again. In all I did the Superman push-up 11 times and on that 11th Superman my photographer was able to get the shot she wanted. That day ended with me being on cloud nine. At the age of forty I flew off the ground as if I was light as a feather and landed without smashing my face.

I hope this message was able to speak life into you. If it did, please share it with your friends and family on social media and tag me. There is so much more powerful and empowering posts to come. Take care and have an amazing day. 

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